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New-York, USA, 2015

"It's the people that matter " is a project I produced in Brooklyn while attending the Magnum Foundation Photography and Human Rights Program at NYU. 

The story was built around a neighborhood's garden that served as a place for people to meet, escape from the outside world, admire arts, collect information on their rights against expropriation, grow food, attend concerts and many more things worth entering this little world. The story intends to give another insight on gentrification by highlighting the work of a few to safeguard the community's values, the neighbourdhood's spirit and the people's rights.



The beauty of this place lies in the connections it creates between people with very different backgrounds and stories. We don’t realise how connected we are to others until we meet them and listen to their stories. A place like the People’s Garden invites visitors to overcome their prejudices and discuss with people they would never talk to in the “outside world”. Watch the short videos below to meet some of the People’s Garden’s individuals.



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