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Each face reflects a myriad of expressions. These expressions provide humans with a natural ability that connects them beyond their differences : to express oneself.

Amusement is something totally natural and culturally shaped : it's a way of enjoying life and feeling alive that is specific to each culture.

This project started while I was working in southern DRC. As part of a project, I went to multiple villages to take portrait pictures of some...


Reality is subjective. It is the interpretation we make of our environment through our senses. It is fleeting and evolves constantly. 

Shapes & colors galvanize the world and reveal its generosity. The light invite itself on Earth to bring life and reflection, creating shapes and colors.

Escaping, it is living more densely the world exposing our sensibility to the magnificence of Nature. A feeling of abundance and a lesson of humility.

Our very first steps have a strong symbolical importance. However, despite its obvious benefits, walking has quickly been caught up by other means of transport that allow to go faster.

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