Photographer and visual storyteller

Brussels based

2018: settling down in Brussels to focus on documentary photography projects.

2015: participation to Magnum Foundation's Photography & Human Rights Program at New York University.


2013 - 2017: professional experiences in Burundi and DRC (monitoring & evaluation, social and environmental impact management, contribution to a UC Berkeley study on child labor in artisanal mining, etc.).

2010 - ...: travel photography experiences through over 40 countries in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

2006 - 2011: BA and MA in applied communication at IHECS, Belgium, and first interest in photography.

Challenge prejudices: The documentary approach of photography can help understand complex situations and challenge limited narratives, often source of inappropriate and dangerous reactions. 

Assess our impact: Depending on our way of life, we have an impact more or less important on people and the environment. Through my photographs, I want to bring people to be aware of this impact and to measure it. 

Post-colonialism: Working for 5 years in the Great Lakes region aroused my interest in the situation in the region and its connections to Western societies in a post colonial era. 

Understand Cultures & Societies: Traveling and living abroad helped me understand how human societies live and interpret their environment, source of inspiration for my projects.

Analyse Humans: Humans fascinate me. Throughout our life, we create beliefs and fears that shape our own reality. The camera has a unique ability to capture in images how our body speak for our mind.