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Documentary photographer

Brussels based

A documentary photographer, author, mediator and expert in social performance standards, I change hats as one swipes on a social media feed. There is unfortunately not (yet) one job title for this so I would define myself as a "weaver" and a "peaceful warrior", sharpening my tools to "repair the torn fabric of the world", as Abdennour Bidar brilliantly puts it in his book "Les Tisserands".

I worked for seven years at mining sites mitigating impacts on local communities, mainly in the DRC but also in Senegal and Guinea. I have also contributed to a study of UC Berkeley on child labour and artisanal extraction in cobalt mines. This led me to write the book "République démocratique du Cobalt" to help understand the complexity of our growing dependence towards mining. In parallel, I'm the author of several articles and have been a photographer and video producer for over fifteen years. In 2015, I participated in the Magnum Foundation's Photography & Human Rights course at NYU. Through my photographic, written and audiovisual work, I seek to question stereotypes and explore how humans relate to their environment, with a particular interest for the relationship between the african and european continents in a post/de-colonial era.

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